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OK system up and running for over 24 hours now.

pH has dropped to 7.0 at night and 7.1 in day. KH is around 5 degrees. Temps range from 72 pm and 75 am.

NOTE: School of 8 White Cloud Mt Minnows have now moved from the surface to mid lefel in the tank. They like the top (MR FOOD HAND) but are now foraging in the mid levels!

Ottos are going to town....I mean when they find a leaf they like....ADIOS ALGAE!

Still have the haze in the tank....just cleaned the floss filter pads in the Filstar...will see how that goes.

The Barclaya longifolia that Roger Miller gave me I thought was toast OHH NOOOOO it likes the CO2 dosing! There is a flower stem in the center that is aobut 3 inches from the surface now! It has grown an inch in less than a week!!!!!! Is this possible? Am I seeing things? Amazing.

Will get some pics up soon.


100 Gal Planted, two Filstar XP3, Milwaukee SMS 122 pH controller, Milwaukee reg/bubble, compressed CO2, reactor 1000, 7 WCMM, 12 Ottos, 14 neons, 1 SAE, 3 German blue rams, 2 Florida Flag Fish

10 Gallon...20 Endler's live bearers planted, peat/kitty litter/sand substrate

15 Gallon...Just Schultz Aquatic Plant soil
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