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Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
Well everyone, I have decided to take emersed setups to a different level, I want to display my emersed plants like we do our submersed plants so I have started looking into a terrarium. I wanted to throw my idea out there and see what you all thought first before I started buying equipment. I'm planning on using a exo terra terrarium (if anyone had a better suggestion please let me know) with a mistking watering system hooked up to a humidity controller. i will have to get a custom acrylic top for the tank as I want 85%+ humidity at all times. I'm planning no fauna for it just plants and everything will be something that is sold to be in an aquarium (crypts, anubias, bucephalandras, maybe some stems, java fern and aquatic mosses). I'm planning on a tiered pool approach with hydroton in the bottom so their is substantial water in it.

My concerns:
1. is the exo terra sealed enough to keep humidity as high as I want..
no. you'll have to cover some of the mesh vent at the top. you don't want to cover it all though because you still want air circulation. i'd leave about 1.5 inches across the back.

2. Will the split front glass doors be a distraction..

i don't find that, and they really help you access the tank easily.
3. What is the best way to heat (I'm thinking heat the water)

i doubt you'll need to heat it. room temp is fine. most plants will do fine in the low 70s and some even do better in the high 60s (mosses for example). plus the lights will provide more heat in an empty tank than one full of water, but if you do need one, heat the water.
4. How do I create circulation in the tank and is it needed with aquatic plants (I don't have any in my emersed set-ups now)
you won't have flow if you fill the bottom with hydroton. the best you can get with that is water turnover. just build a small area out of eggcrate to sit a small powerhead in so that it is separate from the hydroton but still submerged and then use it to pump the water up to the pools. other option is to build a false bottom rather than use hydroton.
5. Will mosses be enough to keep mold and fungus down (I know moss is naturally resistant to them) if not how do I control that other than air circulation.
some people seed the tank with springtails and isopods. most of the mold should disappear when the tank matures though.

6. How do I keep the front glass clear enough to see into this when it is done It would defeat the purpose if I can't see in (will a fan blowing on it keep condensation off? or is this a lost cause)

you would need a small cpu fan to do that. it is a good idea to have one for circulation anyway, and the added plus is it will keep the front glass clear.
If anyone has any suggestions on the above points or other things I should think of let me know.

sounds interesting

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