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Hard to tell in the pics, but this is how this tank is planted:

The light green is Italian Vallisneria, dark green is Vallisneria Gigantae, white is Apogenoton sp', Red is Ludwigia Glandulosa, yellow is Stargrass, black is Rotala Nanjenshan, pinkish/purplish is Sunset Hygro. I've also got some Limnophila Sessiloflora that will grow in behind the Hygro.
Here are some things that are still left to do:

Left; big brown circle for needed wood piece, red and orange circles for alternating Rotala Rotundifolia and Rotala Nanjenshan. Right; green oval for needed Downoi I want to line my "beach area with, tan oval for needed sand.

Just messing around to see how it might look when I get it done and the plants grow in;

You can kinda get the idea, can't you?

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