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Originally Posted by AzFishKid View Post
Nice tank Tom!

What is the deep red plant behind the Hydrothrix garderi?
Err, could be Red myrio the M turbulatum or whatever........P stellatus, A reineckii that has not colored up entirely..........Green Rotala macrandra, the larger wide leaf bright green thing is something else, I do not recall, it had a nice large bright green leaf so I liked it and it's easy to grow/care for.

I trimmed today and sloped the Ludwigia sp "red" nicely and went to the bone in the front, removed some filler plants, added a spacer wood piece or two, thinned out stuff here and there. Hedge sod cut the UG a bit.

Spent most of the time playing with my Woodagumi 70 Gallon. Pics will be forthcoming in a month or so.
Trimmed the staro porto velho some also finally. Spread it out a little. It's not taking off as fast as most of the foreground plants. Even UG does a faster clip. This is good and bad, once it does grow in, it'll stay put.

The L pantanal is becoming a bit weedy. Getting it to scape well and be ordered and consistent is not the easiest thing. I may replace with something else or move it where I can tend it more.

Tom Barr
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