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john b.
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try this one

Ive been experimenting a bit lately with different recipes for my hagen unit and thought I'd post some ideas. I add the same amount of everything that most people have been(sugar up to the line,1/4 tsp. yeast,1 tsp. baking soda and fill to the top line on the cannister). To this I added a half of multi-vitamin crushed up because I read somewhere that it gives the yeast something more to feed off. It seems to work well, the mixture lasted longer then usual.I think I read about it in TFH magazine a few months back. They also suggested adding either mollases or frozen fruit juice. I didn't have the mollases or fruit juice so I added a tsp. of frozen Italian ice which seems to work even better then the vitamin. Give it a try next time you refill your recipies and post the results. Good luck,
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