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Would 2 minnows in a 1 gallon like this be acceptable? Or would the fish be stressed because they need 3 or more to school? I am thinking of making a setup like this. It looks lovely but I also am a little worried it's overcrowded. But that's not to say I'm offended or mad! Please don't take that sentence the wrong way. I've just never had success with things like that in the past. I currently have 3 guppies (only wanted one but my friend netted 3 by accident, 2 females came in with the one male that I wanted) in a one gallon bowl and I'm pulling my hair out worried about the bioload.
But I'm a worry wort so you could probably ignore me haha.
Your plants are amazing, and they look so healthy! You are doing a fine job on this setup! That is for sure!
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