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10.7.2011 Update

Things are going really well with this little tank. I did some water testing (though I haven't calibrated the kit yet) and learned the tank isn't quite cycled yet; which isn't a problem as I'm doing weekly WC's anyway. My readings:


NH3/4 - .25 ppm
NO2 - .15 ppm
NO3 - 5 ppm


NH3/4 - 0 ppm
NO2 - 0 ppm
NO3 - ~5 ppm

The pH is around 7.4 which isn't causing any problems so I'm not going to mess with it.

The FTS...

The Dwarf Sag is filling is really nice.

The L. Arcuata is also doing well...

The B. Monnieri is going emergent and putting off some side shoots.

And the tops view... Emergent Bacopa and H. leucocephala; both doing very well.
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