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Dude, awesome find man. That sump should work out great for it.

I would deep six the metal halides though unless you are going to suspend them above the tank pretty high. I would imagine those will be way too much light. And get rid of the blue bulbs. They will be useless on this tank. Keep the 10,000K and replace the actinic (blue) with a 6500K, then you should be good. An other thing on the lights, you can use the fluorescent bulbs for your main light and have the halides come on as an extra burst of light in the middle of the lighting period for a few hours. That will take some tweeking though. And with that much light, I would suggest CO2 and some type of fert regiment to keep algae at bay. Also, lots of plants to start with.

Looking forward to seeing more of this. You have me subscribed.

P.S. - What happened to the pics?

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