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2x32 watts of T8 is low light. Apparently the conditions equally favor algae and plants in this case though as you think your plants are strong in spite of the heavy algae growth. I don't think the lighting is a problem here.

Rosy barbs, livebearers, SAE eat filamentous algae but there is no telling whether the stuff you have would be eaten. Amano shrimp eat some as well I think. Snails and otos eat filmy algae and wouldn't help at all. I did see otos eating dead BBA a few times but not healthy stuff. I wouldn't count on algae eaters destroying a thriving colony of algae anyway, they mostly eat the young growth so keep it from getting bad.

I didn't have the stuff you have, my nuisance algae was short furry bright green stuff but DIY CO2 knocked it back even though I was only using micros at the time. On a betta tank with spider webby green stuff weekly removal and Excel did the trick. A bit more carbon did the trick both times.

I would remove any elodea and vals permanently and use Excel if I didn't want to go with CO2 and ferts. I would dose the tank with micros though. The fish might be providing enough nitrate and phosphate but not the micros. I would be pulling the algae out daily and using the siphon tube to vacuum the substrate lightly to remove a lot of fish poop when I changed water. If a leaf is heavily colonized with algae then remove it. If you see yellowing or brown spots remove them. They are dying leaves and not helping the plant at that point. A plant with 3 strong healthy leaves will look and do better than a plant with 10 leaves but only 3 are strong healthy ones.
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