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Why i have algae?????. Help me.

Hi,sorry for my english, i`m from Spain and i want to know your opinion.
I have a 85 litres tank 3 months ago and now,i have Hair Algae (i think this is the english name).
I don`t like commercial tests.
Also there is something i don`t like and i think isn`t normal: my plants don`t throw oxygen bubbles and my plants grow slow.
I think maybe it`s need more N but i need your opinion.
This is my algae (not is my tank):

This is my tank:
  • 85 litres.
  • Light: 4x36w pll, 6500ļk, 10 hours/day.(+ blue light 1 hour).
  • Nutricional Sustrate.
  • CO2: 2 bubbles/second.
  • Filter: JBL cristal profi e700.
  • Water changes: Once week 30 osmosis litres.
  • Fertilizers: Seachem Fluorish, K, FE and N (no phosphorus) every water change.
  • Fish:2 ramirezis, 2 apistogrammas, 1 ancistrus, 1 C.Siamensis and 4 pomacea brigdesi.
This photo is 7 days ago, there arent algae.

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