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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
Sorry about the size thing but it's still a great buy, well the sump is great for good bacteria and well oxygenated water so it should be a nice tank and I can't wait to see what you do with it!
The water level in the sump surges up and down and is gurgling, so I'm still researching on it alot as I am pretty sure thats not normal. I LOVE the idea of having it, it houses all my equipment and things and I like that. It makes for a much cleaner look in the tank. I even tried to set up the stuff in the bottom really nice too, and I'm quite proud of it. It looks MUCH better than when I got it.

Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
That's cool I just recently joined the GWAPA but my first meeting was a lot of fun and I came home with a whole bag of plants for $22, so I really liked it. Plus metting other people with the same interest was also cool, it's kinda like a motorcycle club, cause my wife and kids just walk by and pay no attention.

Well you have to go back and tell the guy he owes you 25 gallons or your going too #$#%%&^!! in his*%&$@!??<>!!
Haha, I would only he was a she, and she was cute. Like you said, though, it was still a really good deal so I'm pleased.

Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
I want to try a dirt tank are you going MTS here or undeceided?
I finally got it all cleaned and set up. Today I put in my dirt and gravel. I just reused the compost I had in the other tank, just mixed some new with it. Then I also reused my gravel from the other tank, just had to add some extra to it. The scape, of course, is done a little differently and I will also be adding some sand to give that a try. Will pick that up tomorrow on my way to the fish store (Like I need a reason to go). I would post some pics of it but the waters really cloudy, so I will wait. It shouldn't be that long, I wouldn't think.

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