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I do weekly 50% water changes. That is it.

If you cycle a tank it should never have ammonia/nitrite. Once you have one cycled tank, getting the rest cycled is basically as easy as using some substrate or filter media from an established tank. For breeders, I use "dual" sponge filters. I just take one of the sponge filters out of the established tank and then put a new one in its place. Put the old one in a new tank and bam, instant cycle.

Shrimp have such a low bioload that it takes next to nothing if you haven't overfed.

I guess I'm not sure what you expect having these test kits will accomplish? If your shrimp are breeding good. If they are not, the list is relatively easy to fix. And those test strips from the lfs prob give you more than a close enough look at what is going on. Knowing gh and kh roughly gives you an idea of where to go, but once you establish a routine there is little need to change it.

A 9 dollar tds meter from ebay is the only thing I run.

You'd be further ahead buying something like shrimp stratum or aquasoil rather than all those test kits.
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