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Originally Posted by dxiong5 View Post
Ah yes, the restrictions of a teenager. I was going to say, I think some folks from Green Bay are coming down and you can catch a ride with them, but being 14 (which is fairly young, though I'm only 24 ), your parents probably wouldn't oblige.

Side note: It's great seeing you (and other young folks) in the hobby at such an early age. I didn't really start keeping aquariums seriously until I was 20 years old or so - and that was just FISH, nothing planted, no fancy lights, no CO2/fertilzers, etc. Keep it up!
Yeah, they aren't fun (the restrictions), but what are ya going to do! I'll have to make the trip down sometime in future years, that's for sure!

About the whole young hobbyists thing... How could I not keep it up???

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