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It looks a heck of alot better in person... and you can't see my betta's pretty grey and black tips on his fins...
Expect to hear alot about algae problems in the next couple months.. it always takes me a while before the tank gets balanced... Right now I;m dealing with some sort of threadlike algae that nearly impossible to kill off...
The main point of this tank is to eventually have a system that runs on its own... the only thing i want to do in the future is add some water and feed my betta... I had it like that with the last one.. actually It had just balanced itself out and achieved lush amazing growth about 2 weeks before they broke it. I'll be sure to post pictures once the background fills in. I think the way the rotala fades into the parrots feather which mixes with the vals is really nice. I like how the water shamrock sticks off the the side and I'm really excited to see the hairgrass fill in the front... heck even the back... I want all the sand covered in the tank.
I'm also really happy with this water hyacinth... Its doing really well, but its still stunted. I loved the look of them, especially the roots, my betta loves hanging out on them. And Its helps suck up alot of algae. The flowers are beautiful too.The main problem is that the roots are always at least half a foot long. I found this one hanging out in a shallow dish with a bromeliad. It was stunted, with roots maybe 4 inches long, and leaves only 5 inches across. I bought it and have had it for at least a year and a half. Its roots and leaves never grow past that point, so I think the stunting might be permanent. Which is good for me becuase its always the perfect size for these bowls and vases..
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