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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post
According to my calculator it's 104.88 gallons, are you sure about the measurement. No matter it's a great deal, are you going to keep the over flow box in the tank or strip it out and go with the no hose drilled bottom look?

Is iy acylic or glass?

I checked out your club, what do you focus on mainly fish, plants, cichlids?
Yes, I just measured it for the dimensions, thanks for the heads up. Never had a chance to get to the calculator, so you are probably right. I was just told over the phone it was a 130. 105 is still cool and should suit my needs just fine, for now!!

I am keeping the overflow and sump as I traded my canister with the other system. Not only that, the overflow is built in with a big hole in the back glass of the tank. Yes, it is glass. The sump is acrylic, and I believe, so is the overflow.

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