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Strange flat curely algae on glass (and gravel?)

I'm seeing a new algae I've not seen before on my aquarium's glass. It occurs in an area of high current and medium light. It's very spotty and grows in short thready curls. It will show up even after a couple days after a 50% weekly water change with IE dosing.

Anyone know what it is?

My pH has been very low (6.0-6.2) lately as a result of increasing CO2 to get rid of it (not helping). I rolled by my CO2 to it's original levels as a result of an Amano dying (and possibly an Otto, although that could have been due to harassment from new Odessa Barbs).

Typical parameter before a water change:
NO3: 10ppm
PhO4: .5ppm
KH: 4 degrees
GH: 5 degrees
Temp: 79F


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