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105g Craigslist find! 11-26 Video of baby Guppies, 11-26 updates!!

Well, I traded my 55g and 10g setup for a 105g

It's dimensions are: 4'L x 2'D x 21"H. Came with LOTS of things, one thing being 2 Coralife 10,000K x 175w metal halides (1 of which blew the second I turned it on) hung horizontally 31" above the substrate. It turned out to be the transformer/ballast, so I replaced that side with a 23 watt 6,500K CFL hung horizontally 31" above the substrate. Also has some 46" blue Actinics, but switched one for a 46" 28watt T5 Flourescent lamp measuring 3,500K also hung horizontally 31" above the substrate. My lights are on a timer and run for 12hrs on, 12 hrs off. All the lights run at the same time, but am looking into running the actinic set differently using a Coralife timed powerstrip I got with the setup.

Also came with an 11g ALSS sump pumped by a Rio 2500 submersible pump. The water free falls down an in-tank overflow box and is cleaned by simple bio-balls and filter floss. The sump also houses my WON Pro 350w heater, which I keep set at 81*f.

My flora is: LOTS of apogenoton bulbs from Wally World: Aponogeton Crispus, Aponogeton ulvaceus, and Aponogeton undulatus. Also Italian Vals, Vals Gigantae, rotala rotundifolia, rotala colorata, rotala nanjenshan, ludwigia glandulosa, Hygrophila polysperma var. Rosanervig, cryptocoryne walkeri 'lutea', heteranthera zosterifolia 'Stargrass, Pennywort, Parrot Feather, and Limnophila Sessiliflora. My floaters are: Salvinia auriculata 'Eared Watermoss', Hydrocharis morsus-ranae 'Frogbit, Pistia Stratiotes L.'Water Lettuce, and Azolla caroliniana 'fairy moss

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