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My new 4 gallon betta bowl.

I'm much better at the whole fish bowl thing than the whole tank thing... So I was secretly excited about my last one breaking. My family broke it while doing dishes.. and neglected to notice that my betta ghastly had found his way to the drain. He will be greatly missed.
But now theres a new aquascape to be made. Well in fact its already done. I just re-used the plants I had in the old one and added in some Dwarf Hairgrass(?) I got at petsmart. I also got a nifty new bowl at Homegoods... Its a 5 gallon fish bowl on a stem, with ornate lid. I think its some apothecary jar. I haven't gotten a picture yet, or a new betta, But plan on uploading some soon. For now I'm just gonna list the specs. Not that there are many.
Tank - 5 gallon vase from HomeGoods (with everything in it about 4 gallons)
Substrate - CaribSea Moonlight Sand
Filter- none
Heating - heat from hot water pipe running below keeps it at about 78
Fertz - none
CO2 - none
Stone - stone found in a pile in my front yard (tested it first), and another stone that was pretty, in my yard, and not tested (aren't I daring?)
Lighting - Natural. It gets whatever the sun gives it. About 4 hours of direct light.
Flora - Water Shamrock, Red Stemmed Parrots Feather, Parrots Feather, Rotala Indica, Corkscrew Val, Java Fern, Anubias Nana, Water Hyacinth, Greater Duckweed, Dwarf Hairgrass (im suspecting its actually something else, perhaps shoreweed)
Fauna - 5 Ghost Shrimp, 1 zebra nerite, 1 halfmoon betta

I'm considering adding in some Cryptocoryne Parva as well. I'm going out in search of a betta tomorrow... Will also take pics with my bad cell camera and upload them. Looks super scraggly right now...

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