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Originally Posted by defiesexistence View Post
Haha! I know what you mean, Wishin! Customer service at AU just jerks you around, or, "I dunno, try asking that guy, over there." Last time I was in there, I walked around for about 20 minutes before anyone came up to me. Going up to the counter to pay for a rock, and exactly in front of the counter, -you couldn't miss it if you were working the register- was an $80 saltwater fish that was trapped between live rock, and it was starting to weaken and die. When I walked out, it was still struggling. I did not hear "Hey, does anyone have a net?" Haven't been back since. Out of the three times I've gone, they're always out of plants, and half their stock is on a one way trip to the garbage.

I'm thinking about setting up a 5.5 for a no-tech (spare a heater) betta tank. A trip to Vang's just might finalize that...
The orange crowntail in this photo is the one I got from him

he is even bigger now and is the largest betta I have ever had.

I have a job interview on 76th & Capitol Wed. so I will be stopping by Vangs to check out new fish.
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