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Originally Posted by Bahugo View Post
Lol, have you been doing a little spying on your fish at night Mike? *flashlight in-front of tank*
nope got the water to cold for em to be doin the nasty at night LOL
Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
nice tank mike! those angels sure are black!
nice deer!
Thanks that's the wife's bambi, 220lb. bow buck. She's hoping to pop another one in about two weeks.

The babies from my other pair of DDV's are now +40days and big enough to tell for sure. All the fry look exactly the same (rarely happens) I have standard and veils showing so yes fin size is varied but the velvet black color throughout the fish locked right through to another generation without any rabbits in the woodpile. Proof that both parents are double dose blacks. (yes I'm happy) straight fins and good ventral length without being able to spot a single cull yet (another rarity).

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