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20 Gallon Long Amazon River Biotope

Hey guys well this is my first official bitope tank. Its gonna house about 10 neon tetras, 3 marbled hatchet fish, and 3 emerald Cory catfish. The tanks decor is a large piece of flat bog wood and two small pieces as a main center piece and two river stones. The large rock on the wood is an achor untill my wood stays submerged on its on. Well moving onto another topic :p the lighting its just a normal t-8 bulb at 36 Watts made specifically for plants. The filtration is a normal hang on back filter rated for a 40 gallon. And now the substrate the bottom layer is an organic grey/red clay, follwed by a iron rich sand and clay finally topped off with white sand. The way I planted the plants is I placed the clay then the iron rich sand then planted the plant roots into the layer full of clay then carefully placed the sand around it. Now the plant list. For my background plants its green cabomba the entire back portion then for the midground portion where the drift wood allows I have dwarf sword plants one on opposite sides, for the foreground I have Pygmy chain sword plant acting as a carpet across the entire tank, finally for the floating plants I have Amazon frogbit the way I keep it from getting stuck on the hob filter is a placed a piece of twine all the way across the tank and it keeps it in place. For co2 injection I'm gonna use a DIY with yeast and sugar and get a wooden airstone. Hope you guys enjoy pics tomorrow

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