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Question "New Tank Algae Syndrome" and how to prevent it?

Morning. So my bf and I flooded our tank last night after growing plants in it for 8 weeks emersed. Started on 8.1.2011. End on 9.30.2011. (2 months. According to Tom Barr my Ammonia and Nitrate should be fully cycled by now).

The following plants have been grown emersed: HC, HM, MM, DHG, Glosso, Tropica 049, Micro Sword, Mini Pellia, Downoi and HygroSunset.
Substrate: 15lbs of Eco-Complete (bottom layer) + 8lbs of Fluval Shrimp Stratum (top layer) + 12 Osmocote Root Tabs buried 2-3 inches into the substrate. 7 piece of medium to small Seriyu Stones.
Light: Finnex 13W CFL x 2 on a Mr. Aqua 12 Gallon Long Tank. That is 2.17 WPG (60-80 micromols of PAR [High-medium range]). On 8 hours a day on a timer.
Filtration: 501 Zoomed Canister Filter w/ Premium Carbon-Ammonia Neutralizing Blend, Biomedia & Purigen.
CO2 & Fertilizers: Pressurized CO2 4-5 bps on 24/7. Not dosing any fertilizers yet.

12G Mr. Aqua Journal

1.) At this point in time, what should I do to prevent algae outbreak. If algae is really inevitable for new tanks, how can I control it to be as little as possible?
2.) I heard overdosing in CO2 is better than being under. Is this true?
3.) How often should I change the water in the first month. I am getting mixed and match results from google search. Some says 30% WC every other day, and some say 50% WC every week for the first month using RO/DI water only. Which should be more correct?

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