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1 Month update!

Well, after 1 month things are looking really good. The Dwarf Sag has produced 6 more plantlets. The L. arculata reached the surface so I trimmed them and replanted. Meanwhile the original stems have several side shoots growing at the base of the stems so in time it will fill in for a nice bushy center. The B. Monnieri is starting to grow emergent and the floating Hydrocotyle is doing quite well. Also cut and replanted some side-shoots from the R. roundiflora.

And now the pics!

Here is the top view of the Bacopa and Hydrocotyle.

The new L. arculata shoots...

One of the two ghost shrimps...

A couple of the White Clouds... the one female; there are three males and they're actively trying to whoo her, lol.


Sorry for the cell phone pics... it's all I have.
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