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18" Tall Glass Manzanita Vase

Hello. I'm new to forum after being a long time watcher. I keep mostly small nano tanks as of right now. I'm still quite new to aquascaping. Tips are appreciated.

I'm currently setting up a 2.25 gallon tall glass vase for some shrimp after being inspired by this thread:

I need some advice on plants and lighting. I need a light to keep some low to medium light plants healthy. Not really looking for growth, but just to keep them alive and happy. I think I may add one more branch for some moss.

Glass Vase - 18" deep/tall and 8.5" across.

Elite Mini

Potential plants I'm debating: I think I want a tall plant that won't take up a lot of room.
Moss (weeping?) for the wood.

For sure...
Anubias nana
Java fern
Maybe Bacopa.


I'm looking at this light on ebay:
[Ebay Link Removed]

or some sort of desk lamp from Ikea might work, which is what I am using currently.
JANSJÖ Work lamp - IKEA

This is where I'm at right now. It's not much to look at.

Suggestions are appreciated. Cheers!

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