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Originally Posted by Jeffww View Post
Cmon Tom! Straighten out that substrate line! Can't wait to see it in a few months.
Yea, I left the UG alone when I redid things and it's slowly coming along. Everything else is growing fast and recovering quick. The color on the L peruensis will take another 1-2 weeks, and the A reineckii will take even longer to convert to submersed form, maybe 1-2 months.

Once the UG fills in nice, I'll trim a 1-1.5 " border in the front.
That is an old method/style from a long time ago, before foreground plants really were the rage. Most just allow it to press against the front of the glass these days.

I only have maybe 1-1.5" depth in the UG, the rest is under 1" in the front. It's barely shallow enough to plant anything, but gets 8" deep in the rear.

Tom Barr
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