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Originally Posted by Geniusdudekiran View Post
WOW, Tom, you never fail to amaze. Some staurogyne repens would look great in there!
Crap, I do not want anymore of that, I already have a tank full of it in my 180. Rule no#1, never keep the same plants in different tanks, like the same fish etc

I have some of the Starou porto velho.

Some of the Downoi are still recovering, but will have plenty soon enough, already trying to sell it

Anyone want 4-6 large dowoni? see my sales thread.

The red ludwigia is a real nice plant. Has a nice growth pattern
The Wallichii has really colored up today, I just got it a about 3 days ago.
L always love wallichii, is one of my favorite plants when grown well.

I got some Erio cineruem which I prefer for scaping than many of the others.
I'd considered Erio setaceum, but the Hydrothrix is very similar and more uncommon, so I'll hang onto that.

This tank has a lot of red colors and bright greens.
That's the purpose.

I used the driftwood much like a large old bonasi tree that has died back and the roots are exposed. The branchy flat laying driftwood is nice since it forms natural rows/streets of plants(which will have a nicer front to back height after a few trims), and sections off the plant divisions, and adds contrast between each group of plants, this makes scaping with this style of wood very easy and wood is far more mallable than rock/stone.

Still thinking about the fish'll have the Fire reds for sure, and the Gold nuggets........and Amano's........

I still need to move some plants around, some are just added cause I ain't got no home for them just yet or are going elsewhere.
Give me a month or two.

Tom Barr
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