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Update Time!

It's update time!

Crazy what a couple weeks will do for some UG in Shrimp Stratum with nothing but super-high light, Osmocote gelcaps and some misting:

I think it's going to be a winner in a few weeks when things get flooded.

HC & DHG tank:

HC isn't doing so swell but the DHG appears to be turning the corner rather well. Have a bit of extra HC I'm hanging onto but hope I don't have to use it. Hope it turns around because it's such a beautiful carpeting plant.

I've read and read and read about HC and the DSM and it's still looking like that so any advice is obviously appreciated.

Glosso & DHG in Eco-Complete is doing amazing:

It's quickly turning out to be a favorite little foreground plant. All the nightmarish effort to get it planted in the Eco-Complete paid off. Here's hoping it continues its nice growth.

Got my hands on a few HOB filters for the tanks, some Hydor mini heaters that camouflage well, have tiny drop checkers and diffusers and will inject with DIY champagne yeast at the start. Hope to upgrade to paintball CO2 if I can find an appropriate manifold for splitting and Swagelok needle valves that can handle higher pressures. Also dosing EI with dry ferts kept diluted in 500ml solution bottles.

Excited for things to kick up a notch so I can move my hundreds of shrimp around a bit. And maybe house a few Rasboras that are currently living in a bucket… as their 20-year-old tank bit the dust.

Thanks for looking!
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