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I can only assume that you are either a real newbie or so advanced that you have ascended to nirvana. Asking whether there are any plants that don't need nutrients is like asking whether there are any people who don't need to eat or to breathe.

The concept of a "natural" tank is also a nonsequitor because nature has no glass boxes with electrical components attached.

On the other hand many people maintain "low tech" tanks where the light is minimal, where the plant species kept are low-light tolerant, and where the fish stocking levels are high enough that the fish waste provides a significant level of nutrients for that configuration. In this configuration the plants adapt and there is less need to supplement CO2. The plants in these tanks have very low growth rates, which is nice because they require much less pruning.

While such a tank is feasible the argument against it is that "natural" can be boring. The argument for it is that the work load is much less.

If by "simple" you mean less equipment then yes, low tech is as simple as it gets, but if by "simple" you mean "I don't have to learn anything" then no, you might be disappointed.

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