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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by GTApuffgal
they are cruising straight to the surface of the water upon exit. I pushed the ladder as low as it would go in the tank. Should I raise it closer to the surface? There are a lot of little bubbles all over my water surface. Is this normal/good? Or am I losing it all???
Nah, you are not losing it That's a sign that what you are injecting is not CO2 but air. Normal for a new batch for a day or two. Unless you have foaming problems, make sure you fill the sodabottles up pretty high. I usually leave only like two inches air space from the cap. Otherwise it can take a couple of days until the mixture has replaced all the air and produces pure CO2.

Bubbles go up my ladder and become so small that they get stuck in the upper area, and a few bubbles combine their forces before they finally reach the surface. Sign that 99% or what percent of the CO2 is being dissolve.

Give it a little time
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