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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
LOL - I can use all kinds of power tools - I just can't seem to use glue ; )
My parents had two boys & two girls, and they made sure the boys could cook and the girls could use tools. I'll never try to work on a car, though. Yuk! My dad & I have built decks, framed add on rooms, etc. I admit I like the DEconstuction part most of all!
My best friend did a mosaic like mine for her kitchen back splash - it's about 15 linear feet by 20", and it looks fantastic! I have about 1200 sq ft of raised-bed gardens, and I made the mosaic borders out of concrete cap blocks. It's really very easy to do, and nothing is more satisfying than smashing tile with a hammer!
As for fishkeeping, I got that from my dad, too. I'd have wall to wall tanks if I thought the floors would take it!
PS - I threw my name in there just for you, cableguy - since you said "keep up the good work MAN" LOL
~ Cindy ~
Lol. Thank you. I know what you mean about "cross training" the boys and girls. I grew up with one of my brothers, but both of us can cook to an extent and I can sew as well. It comes in handy.

And, deconstruction is always fun. I had a blast last week smashing a lava rock with a ball pin hammer. It was great fun. Tying moss to it, not so fun, but necessary.

I would love to do a mosaic like that. It would make a great headboard. I think I would want something a little darker though. But anyway, enough with the derailment. ON WITH THE BUILD!!!!

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