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Originally Posted by driftwoodhunter View Post
cableguy, that's a great suggestion on making the rocks removable in front of the intake! I've already siliconed them on, but a little slice of the knife will free them up again - they're only tacked on at the ends.
BoxxerBoyDrew...ARRGH! I forgot to glue the wood, I only used screws. That's what I get for rushing! I know better than that - I'm sooo impatient! I see what you're getting at, about putting cinders under the box to help support the weight. I don't know that I have room for that, but I can go back and use 2"x2"s around the inside where the top ply and the 2"x8"s meet. I can glue & screw (I just like saying that) the 2"x2"s into both the ply and the frame.
I am getting fantastic tips and advice- thank you!
~ Cindy ~
Cindy? And here I thought driftwoodhunter was a guy. Lol. Lots more women in this hobby now days. And not very many who can use power tools. Lol, I kid, I kid. Glad to see a female who can use a saw and drill though.

And you can do exactly like BoxxerBoyDrew said. Just reinforce the inside with glue and screws, and you will be golden. Just be careful you don't mess up the beautiful mosaic on the top. I wonder if the fiancee would let me do that on the wall........

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