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LOL - cableguy, you crack me up! Yes, the stand is backwards! I threw it up there to check the stability and make sure it's still level - when I went to take the bottom tank out I was perplexed as to why I couldn't ; )
I laughed at myself at the time.
I took scapegoat's advice and covered the intake and made a ledge to direct the flow from the outake. I plugged up all the little openings created by closing the intake in (basically I made a tube-form out of styro to house the intake) with small bits of leftover styro - it lends to the craggy look. Now, to keep fish from swimming up the bottom of the intake area where the grill is, I'm going to silicone in a mesh made from dark cloth window screen material (I have some handy) or I'll go to Walmart tomorrow and buy the plastic canvas. I work in the dept that sells the plastic canvas and I don't want to go in for anything on my day off! lol When I made the "rocks" to cover the intake, I didn't realize I made them so low they obscured seeing the grill - not any kind of filtration problem, and it makes putting in the mesh easier. The mesh will also be easier to clean of debris - I always get bits of plants stuck to my intake grills. Getting it off the back of the grills is a pain. Cleaning the relatively flat surface of the mesh will be much easier. I guess the plastic canvas would be a lot stronger and hold up to cleaning better *sigh*. Back to work I go...
So far this has been very easy, quick, and fun! If it comes out looking like crap I'll just plant taller plants & hide it ; )

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