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Kelly sorry to hear that....
Mori goldfish are out of the question....LOL

I really love the Ottos...just got home from work and couldnt find ANY

Oh well...upon closer observation though...they were on my Cryptocorne cordatas and GOING TO TOWN! Sometimes its hard on a big tank to find everyone...its going to be even harder when the plants get filled in!


100 Gal Planted, two Filstar XP3, Milwaukee SMS 122 pH controller, Milwaukee reg/bubble, compressed CO2, reactor 1000, 7 WCMM, 12 Ottos, 14 neons, 1 SAE, 3 German blue rams, 2 Florida Flag Fish

10 Gallon...20 Endler's live bearers planted, peat/kitty litter/sand substrate

15 Gallon...Just Schultz Aquatic Plant soil
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