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Originally Posted by 150EH View Post

I'm guessing you've got a big ole header in that stand, steel, or something?

There is a doubled up 2 X 10 header/beam running over that opening. Tanker supplier agreed to honor tank warranty after inspecting it.

It's not hard to make MTS. Just lay some clean dirt with no ferts or s.foam in it on a big trash bag laid out. Wet and flip it once day and leave in sun to cook. Just have to be patient. Takes a week or two of messing with it for about 5 mins a day and nice spot on back deck to lay it out on. It's easy to tell when its done because it loses all of the fresh dirt smell and turns into kind of a crumbly sand texture.

Got plans back from tank builder. Was really expensive. Was little over $4k for tank, but does include delivery, install, and tax. (no small chunk of change at 8.25%)
Wont be ready until late October

Cabinet maker finished layout on surrounding bookcase. Should look really nice. Total project cost is going to push $25k after its all said and done

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