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Originally Posted by ua hua View Post
That is a very cool and rare tank you have there. I never look in the planted nano section so I would have never seen this, but Radioman put a link in another thread. I wish there was more of those vintage tanks around. My dad used to have a vintage tank similar to that when I was young but his was a little bigger and really ornate. Is that all the original glass and slate bottom or has it been redone? By the way there is a replica of the tank you have on ebay for $750. Here is the item # if you want to check it out.

Item number: 120736334045
Thank you. Too bad your Dad didn't keep the tank. Do you have any photos of it? The Jewel company made some really ornate ones. One even had lighted stained glass ends. This has all the original glass and slate bottom. Unfortunately the glass has several scratches in it but this happens when tanks are over 80 years old. I saw the replica, did you see that it's not even sealed? Thanks for the link.

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