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3.5G Betta Paludarium for my Office

History of Tank

The 3.5G is a rimless rectangular tank with black silicone. I bought it in early 2011 to house a half-moon betta. Went for a short vacation, came back home and there he is lying dry on the floor...

Then i decided to start a shrimp tank. I had a couple of danios from my 10g, so I temporarily put them in the tank after to help with the cycling. Have been rearing Cherry red shrimps for a months plus, then I realized how heavy maintenance it is to have a cherry shrimp. A little shift in water conditions, and they molt, if they're not ready to molt, they'll die molting. Also, I was having trouble to get some MALE shrimps to get them to breed. All I got from LFS seems to be female eventhough the shopkeeper says they are male..

But, Whatever, Now, I have a pretty betta in there. I haven't chose a name for him yet. I'll let my kid choose it for me later.

Current Spec:
Hob Filter
No CO2, No Ferts
Ikea Lamp with CFL bulb.
ADA Soil Amazonia
Rotala of some sort
Couples of DW that looks like a sunken ship!

Current Condition of the tank

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