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My First Planted Tank:Attempting A 55g Dutch (Some Advice Needed!)

Current Photo:

Filter: Regular HOB Filter
Lighting: 54w X3, 8 hours a day
LED Moonlights at night
Substrate: Play Sand
Co2: 2x DIY yeast.

6 Angelfish
1 African Bush Fish
1 Yoyo Loach
1 Black Ghost Knife
1 African Featherfin Catfish
2 Cory Catfish
4 Otos
3 Mystery Snails

Flora: Baby Tears, Dwarf Baby Tears, Diandra, Stargrass, Ludwigia Peruensis, Green Myrio, Red Myrio, Telanthera Rosefolia, Red Tiger Lotus, Jungle Val, and Wisteria.

I've had this tank for a year and a half now. I had some cheap LEDs installed under a standard hood to watch my Ghost Knife at night. They burned out, so I started looking for replacements on a budget. The cheapest I could find for what I was looking for was around $40. I then found the cheap Odyessa light fixtures for $90 with moonlights on them, and I figured I might as well make a planted tank. I started researching different types of aquascapes, and was intrigued by the Dutch style. I made a placed a plant order online, thus started an ambitious project of which I have little knowledge.

Old Tank:

Initial planting:

Left Side:

Right Side:

Two week progress:

Left Side:

Right Side:

The only thing I've fertilized is Micro nutrients. I wanted to see how the plants progress before I started any doing regime. The left side seems to by thriving while the right is not. I realized that I had a lack of water movement, so I added a powerhead to move nutrients around. Hopefully that will help with the plant growth on the right, as well as combat my algae I have.

I have an outbreak of GDA that I've attributed to bad circulation, and not enough Co2. I'm planning on getting pressurized co2, even though that is something I didn't want to spend money on.

I also failed to plant my baby tears deep enough, only one bunch has started to carpet. I think I need to add more plant tabs for those since my substrate is inert.

A few questions that I have:
How long should I wait until I prune/replant?
I would like to move a few plants around, I didn't really get the look I was hoping for(it was my first planting after all).

What is the best way to remove the algae from my diy rockwall?
There is a whole mess on there, and the algae are really the only things pearling in my tank. I bought four otos, but they only seem to eat off of the glass. Can I scape it all off with a tooth brush and do a massive water change?

Any comments/criticisms are greatly appreciated as I am a complete newbie!

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