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Well the 15 has been torn down!

It bowed an inch from front to back, and the front & left panels separated from each other by a couple millimeters for an inch from the top of the tank. Considering I have over $1k invested here in shrimp, and it sits not a foot from my brand new gaming pc, I couldnt risk it. I'm going to see if the maker can fix it, or if I can myself..

In the meantime, I got a 20long with stand and light for about $100 yesterday and transferred everything but the substrate over.. Talk about a waste of powersand I just went with 100% Tahitian moon black sand, brand new this time and not used/rinsed like I did before. I think that was the initial problem with ammonia and the disease, used substrate :/ so yeah should be fine now..

I will be getting moss tiles for a carpet, and debating on some anubias or something for some added foliage. My goal here though is shrimps not plants so I'm not fertilizing or anything.

Suggestions welcome ^^

Here's a quick Shot and an entertaining(albeit poor quality)video of a golden trying to jump the divider :p

And yes I still have to fill it :P That will happen today and i'll grab some better pics of the setup.
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