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hydrophyte... question...

is it your personal proprietary line of planters and trellis rafts that defines a riparium as such? if you don't mind me asking...

if not; what other methods could one use to go about constructing a riparium? any thoughts?

for example; if one were to say put a couple hooks on some good neodymium magnets and put a thin layer of adhesive or rubber on a couple other neodymium magnets or steel slugs... could one hook a black filter block or maybe some epi-web to the back wall of an aquarium and use that as an inert substrate or media (soil) for the emergent (riparian zone) plants and still consider what they've achieved a riparium? maybe attach some closed cell foam cut into their own preferred shape and used similar to your trellis rafts as foreground planters?

or is this something that's eventually going to be a proprietary and/or patented term such as orchidarium?
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