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I can't remember what the red pipe-cleaner looking guys are, I know the other two are red ludwigia and wisteria but the red ones in the middle have seen a noticeable amount of new growth over the weekend.

this is what the plants look like today, compare with the above photo from 4 days ago

I just started dosing pfertz micros and nitrogen today as well as flourish excel. My PH is still very low ~5 and my Ammonia levels are still very high >5.0mg/l. My nitrites seem to be low for now at .3mg/l

I've only done two 25% water changes since setting it up, wondering if I shouldn't be doing more.

A question for anyone that's familiar with amazonia (more like amoniazonia amirite?) can I expect my PH levels to raise back up a bit after things calm down or should I be trying to correct for it somehow?
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