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Hi. Haven't forgotten about you guys, honest. I'm traveling for work stuff. I did much of the code rewrite already (made some great progress while bored waiting for my connecting flight at JFK) but I need to debug it on some actual hardware before I let others test it. O2surplus, I'll shoot you an email next week. Hopefully we can get a controller sent over here so it arrives soon after I get home and I can get you guys some improved firmware to play with.

As an aside, I figured out before I left that while the DS1307 on my homemade controller is very accurate on battery (less than 2s/day drift) it's wildly inaccurate when the controller is powered up. I guess there is some interference happening from the driver circuit due to me not knowing how to design the board properly. This is unique to my board and has nothing to do with the code.

Anyway, the easiest fix is to pick up a tiny ChronoDot RTC board that can be plugged right into the Arduino. It a significantly more accurate RTC using a different chip (DS3231). The end result is that you have one of these (or were thinking about getting one) my code will support it very shortly.
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