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They are actually just sitting in standing water I was going to build a tray to set them in so I can recirculate the water but I want to see how standing water works since I have seen other people do it that way and have good success.

My substrates vary I have one tray with some rare crypts I got and they are all grown in clay pots with aquasoil malaya, most of the other plants and the stem plants are all grown in rockwool cubes inserted into net pots. I have also just started planting some lagenandras in hydrocol clay balls.

Clay pots: (C. cordata "grabowski", C cordata "thailand", C stiolata, C noritoi, C zukalii & C usteriana x walkeri)

Mesh Pots (C wendtii tropica)

Hydroton: (Lagenandra nairii, Lagenandra thwaitesii & the C usteriana x walkeri-same as above)

I just add a couple drops of regular fertilizer to the water when I add it and i'm planning on water changes every 4 weeks if I can go that long. I really want the set-up to be as low maintenance as possible.

Currenly the water stays between 70-75' the humidity is 90-100% and the air temp is 75'.

My biggest concern right now is mold and fungus growing on the substrate since I don't mist the plants from above, if anything I may build a system that can submerse the plants if needed.

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