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Originally Posted by Sharkfood View Post
Looks like you're starting to get moving on this project.

The only advice I have is that I would drill some holes in the PVC legs and zip-tie them to the diffuser just to keep things from shifting during construction.

How are you cutting the diffuser? I used tin snips, but find that pieces of plastic sometimes fly all the way into adjacent rooms. (I actually wear safety glasses when I cut it.)
i've been cutting it with needle nosed pliers, which works really well but does fling bits around pretty far .

are you referring to the pvc legs under the main false bottom? i haven't attached them yet because i need to remove the whole thing to work on it outside the tank and having the legs on would make it hard to work with. when i finish it, i'll just silicone the legs in to the bottom of the tank and then place the false bottom onto them with more silicone.

i'm wishing i had some doors to open like they have on exo-terras... foaming the background is going to be a nightmare...

75G Paludarium Build Thread:

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