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Ok so here's what we're working with:

The All-Glass 55g tank I bought new 5 years ago.
The Fluval 405 will be running on this tank.
The hoods and stand I got used on criagslist 5 years ago.
I'm going to get some glass cut to replace those ugly hoods.
The stand is solid wood and is showing some wear. So the plan is to paint it satin black to match the tank trim. I am also replacing the hinges and knobs with brushed aluminum parts.

This 29 gallon is my oldest tank. It's been everywhere with me. I have had it since 1995 I think. I'll initially just setup this up as a holding tank to age water. The water around here is pretty crappy. I also have a 20high and a couple boxes filled with random fish tank supplies. Oh and a Fluval 305...

I went to home depot!
- 2 Philips 48" 5000K T8s
- 2 Phillips 48" 6500K T8s
- 3 Bags of Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix
- 3 Cans of Satin Black spray paint (for the stand)
- 1 package of 220 grit sand paper (to prep the stand)

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