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18 Day update!

Well, things are going along rather nicely I think. The L. Repens is growing up and is almost emergent. The C. Undulatus is coming in slowly after a little melting; the C. Lutea however is really taking off. I had planted only 1 rhizome that had three leaves on it because the pot only had two rhizomes that were in good condition. Honestly, I though this plant would be a bust but the three leaves has turned into eight and there are several new plantlets forming around the original rhizome. There are also three other plantlets that I think belong to one (or maybe both) of the crypts; it's too early to tell.

The E. Tenellus is adjusting great. One of them is sending out runners like mad.

I have some serious diatom issues that have developed. So today I went out to get some more Zerites (since I killed my first three with an H2O2 treatment). They're leaving behind a nice trail of clean gravel as they travel along, haha.

Also, picked up this little guy.

Oh yeah, all the dark spots on the leaves are actually snail excrement! Pond snails make a lot of poop!

I'm still letting the plants grow-out a bit before I start shaping the tank... for instance, I'm going to keep the L. repens short and bushy and I might be adding some stems in the right corner instead of the S. Subulata that is currently there.
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