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Walstad 55g Natural Planted Tank UPDATED: 1/9/12

Latest full tank shot 1/7/12:

Original start of thread:
This tread might have a slow start since I'm very busy right now with work. Currently, I'm collecting parts for my 55 gallon Walstad tank.

What's a Walstad tank? Check out Diana's book for more details: Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist

Basically, it's a low maintenance soil-based tank with no CO2. My personal theme for this project is going to be KISS aka "Keep It Simple Stupid" Not the band, I strongly dislike them, now AC/DC is a different matter and different subject for a different forum... =)

Moving on... Here is the basic outline for the tank:

Basic Equipment:
55 Gallon All Glass Aquarium
Fluval 405 Canister w/ DIY spray bar running only course foam. (Mechanical filtration & circulation only)
Marineland Stealth Heater (can't remember the wattage)

Miracle Grow Organic Potting soil
Flourite for cap.

I'll get to that...

Defiantly Angels (I've been keeping them for 20+ years). Maybe Altums if I can find some...

OK so I've been doing tons of research into this area. And I initially ordered an All Glass Triple Tube T8 Florescent Strip, but it was on back order and I got impatient. So I changed my order to a 2x54w T5HO Hagen GLO with ZooMed UltraSun(6500K) and FloraSun(5000K) bulbs. I just received that today:

Very nice unit, built solid and is aesthetically pleasing, but I'm returning it because it's defective (turns on for 5 sec and shuts off). Plus it's too much light for this tank.

Remember the KISS concept? For what I'm trying to do I'd have to mount that light 12" above my tank and limit the photo period. Plus, mounted that high it would light up half the room too. So I'm exchanging it for the AGA Triple Tube:

Thanks PetSolutions!
With the AGA Triple Tube I can lay it right on top of the glass tops to reduce light outside the tank. I can also run three different bulbs for a nice spread spectrum. The plan is
- 1 Philips 5000K from Home Depot - cheap! =)
- 1 Philips 6500K from Home Depot - cheap! =)
- 1 AGA Full Spectrum 8000K (They come with the unit)

My other option was a single 54w T5HO, but then I would be limited to the spectrum from one bulb, so I think for my application the AGA Triple Tube T8 is the best choice... OK that's enough rambling for one post...

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