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Originally Posted by anonapersona
It is best to pinch off the leaves that hit the surface. If you do, you can keep it as a submerged plant, which will look better in an aquarium. If you don't, all leaves will rapidly go for the surface covering it so less light reaches the remaining submeged plants and the lilly will try to bloom if there is room in the hood for it. Depending on your lighting this may be a hazard if the lights and flower are too close.

Hmmm, I am letting them grow to cover the surface for now...the rest of the tank is crypts and "lace" java fern, with the exception of some giant hygro, so I'd like to see if I get a little less algae on my crypts by letting the lotus block some of the light getting in.
No worry, light is up enough...the temp on water surface hits around 90 or so, but water temp measured at two other spots is 79-81 depening on time of day.

I am more concerned about the lotus leaves drying out, but if I understand correctly, the plant is designed to be on top like that, so we'll see...besides, wouldn't mind smelling/seeing a bloom first hand.
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