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Originally Posted by Betowess
Kathy, I've had it about a month. It has about 3 small leaves and 3 bigger leaves so far. Very lovely. bob
Excellent! Thanks!

Well, I've had the plant(s) for a couple of days now and so far, so good. I'm guessing that it was indeed little bulb bits holding the separated pieces intact. This is such a lovely plant and I've been looking for something for a particular spot and this is doing the job perfectly! The tricky part will be keeping it from getting too big... But part of the fun I have discovered as a noob is simply trying out plants that I like. Seeing how/if they grow and thrive for me. Finding out if it looks in MY tank as it does in the photos I have seen. I've got a little collectoritis happening here, but have slowly begun "culling" plants from my tank as I move towards an actual aquascape! Hopefully I can figure out how to contain the lotus as it is a fabulous addition.

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