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Originally Posted by Betowess
I was recently told by someone in the know (on this forum) to be sure not to bury the bulb too deep, much like anubias, keeping a fair amount out of the substrate. You prolly know as much. My red tiger l. is my very favorite color in the tank and is starting to slowly grow quite a few leaves. I think folks trim them abit to keep from taking over the tank. Mine just had one skinny start shoot when it arrived from
Good luck. bob
It ain't deep! (Friggin frackin Keyholes!) I was so excited to find this plant and because nobody at the store had any idea what it was or how much to charge I ended up getting it for $5.99! During the discussion (3 employees involved) I pointed out a sign on another tank which said $15.99 - and was what I had expected to pay. So, okay - good CAN come from less than knowledgeable employees at the LFS...

Bob, how long has it been since you got yours? I am just trying to get an idea how long it will take the bouncing bulb to grow a fresh plant! The color is gorgeous and I think it will make a really nice transition point between the brown of my driftwood to the green stems behind...

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