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Thanks for the compliment.

Here is a quick and cheap visio diagram that will give you a better idea on how my tanks are connected. The pumps from the sumps are pretty strong. So I get a good amount of water flow coming from the initial 60g acrylic to the 30g acrylic. I will likely change the plants in this tank that would enjoy rapid currents.

I also setup another 60g recently. It's hooked up to a sump on its own and I intend to go black water with this one.

I use osmocote in the pots and I give a mild dosage of miracle grow every other week.

Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
OK, I have an emersed setup going and it is nothing like this. I am wondering what you dose, your light, how you keep humidity in check, and how you have everything hooked to a sump. Sorry for all the questions, but I am a newb. Oh, yeah, do you have any experience with Java Fern in a set up like this?

And I am loving you plants by the way. I hope one day I can achieve something like that.

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